• Windows - Using Credentials

    Various ways to use the many various types of Windows credentials you may have access to (passing the hash, etc..). Extremely useful.

  • Windows - Privilege Escalation

    Techniques and methodologies for escalting privileges on Windows and lateral movement (promoting to Administrator from user or to a user with more permissions).

  • Windows - Persistence

    Techniques and methodologies for maintaining access to Windows hosts after a successful security compromise.

  • Windows - Mimikatz

    A cheatsheet for using Mimikatz (all versions covered).

  • Windows Download and Execute Methods

    Various techniques for downloading and executing code on Windows hosts. Some more discreet than others. Useful

  • Bypassing AMSI protections

    A few methods for bypassing AMSI protections on Windows.

  • Microsoft Window's Data Protection API

    Methods for extracting Windows credentials from DPAPI AKA Microsoft Windows Data Protection API